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You Can Now Run Android Apps on Chrome for Windows, Mac and Linux -

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Check your local Staples for the new 6 -

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People who got an iPhone 6 Plus long were you in line? Where were you in line? How many did the store seem to have? Can I have it? -

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6 and 6+ hands-on reaction thread -

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Anybody care to post a picture of the iPhone 6/6+ with a case? -

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How to buy a tank. A BRDM-2 story. English version -

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“The greatest peacetime challenge that the UN has ever faced.” -

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Swift for Rubyists -

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Asm.js under consideration by Internet Explorer -

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SAP Buys Concur Technologies for $8.3B -

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10 Free Python Programming Books -

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Life in Timbuktu: how the ancient city of gold is slowly turning to dust -

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Rewrite your Ruby VM at runtime to hot patch useful features -

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Share Your App Idea -

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Home Depot Admits 56M Payment Cards at Risk After Breach -

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You can get the Z3 compact from the UK for $500US, shipping Monday - self.Android

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My worst Apple support experience EVER. -

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Just waited 10 hours at the Apple Store. iPhone 6 Plus sold out completely just 3 people in front of me. -

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This is my fist iPhone ever, and I love it so far. -

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First person to buy iPhone 6 in Australia immediately drop it during T.V. interview. -

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Top languages to know about
  1. JavaScript
  2. Ruby
  3. CSS
  4. Go
  5. Objective-C
  6. Haxe
  7. CoffeeScript
  8. C++
  9. XSLT
  10. Java
  11. C

The above programming language list is based on the languages that recently trending Github projects are utilizing.

Github project to know about


By bendc and written in JavaScript
Smooth & lightweight anchor scrolling lib - check it out »

Kickstarter to know about

12Bar for iPad: Create and Share Chord Charts and Set Lists

By 12Bar Chord Charts and Set Lists
Create and share lyrics, charts and sets with your band and friends. Intuitively designed by musicians for studio and live performance. - check it out »

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