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Most flashlight apps on Android steal your data – Report by SnoopWall -

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CBS post on Twitter that Microsoft has released iOS 10. -

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I dropped my husbands new iPhone 6 in a bowl of cheese dip today... -

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Yosemite, iOS8, love -

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Google Play - Only one strike is needed to ruin you - self.Android

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How many of you encrypt your android devices? - self.Android

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Screen size debate: 4.7, 5, 5.2, 5.5, 5.9... Why do you feel the way you feel? - self.Android

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I saw the Apple Watch today -

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Remind raises $40M Series C -

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CheckBo – Custom Checkbox and Radio JQuery Plugin -

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Ask HN: How do you debug a program that potentially has undefined behavior? -

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Startup Community- documentary about startups in Kitchener Waterloo -

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Arduino to sell 3D printer–$800 in kit form or $1,000 pre-assembled -

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Re-imagining Operating Systems: Xen, Unikernels, and the Library OS -

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Jackie Akhavan (Professor of Explosive Chemistry) – The Life Scientific - Professor of Explosive Chemistry

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Grooveshark, where employees uploaded thousands of songs, loses badly in court -

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You Can “Catch” Stress Through a TV Screen -

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Zero to One: A Book Club in Mountain View, CA -

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Pebble makes fun of Apple for the watch presentation -

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What phone do I buy? - self.Android

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Top languages to know about
  1. JavaScript
  2. Objective-C
  3. Go
  4. Java
  5. CSS
  6. Ruby
  7. PHP
  8. C++
  9. C
  10. Python
  11. Shell

The above programming language list is based on the languages that recently trending Github projects are utilizing.

Github project to know about


By jwaldrip and written in Go
A go-lang library to help build self documenting command line applications. - check it out »

Kickstarter to know about

Garagino: Arduino prototyping made faster and cheaper

By GarageLab, LLC
Do you develop Arduino based projects? Garagino is cheap, compact, solderable to PCBs, attachable to breadboards, and much more... - check it out »

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